Study Abroad In The Netherlands

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Higher education in the Netherlands is organized around a three-cycle degree system, consisting of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees.

Two types of higher education programmes are offered:

– Research-oriented degree programmes offered primarily by research universities – these include general universities, universities specializing in engineering and agriculture, and the Open University.

– Professional higher education programmes offered primarily by universities of applied sciences – these include general institutions as well as institutions specializing in a particular field such as agriculture, fine and performing arts, or teacher training.

You have a choice of different Study Abroad Programs in the Netherlands. All programs are taught in English.

The major fields of study in which we can offer you study abroad programs at accredited colleges and universities include:

– Business / Management

– Marketing / Communications

– Public Relations

– International Relations

– Psychology

– Liberal Arts & Sciences

Who is eligible to participate in our study program? (Please note that different entry requirements apply for different programs)

Anyone who is:

– Over 18 years

– A high school graduate

– Performing well in school (at least 2.5 GPA)

– Sufficiently proficient in English

– Adventurous, hard working and open-minded

Identifying your perfect Study Abroad Program

We give detailed attention to your profile and ambitions. We identify your academic skill and goals. We also connect with your home institution to make sure that the academic credits to be obtained through your study abroad program are accepted with the conditions set forth by your home institution.

Preparing for your Study Abroad Program

Before you start your program, we provide a training plan that will outline the content and coursework of your Study Abroad Program, identify your academic adviser, and help you understand the academic and student culture in the Netherlands. We also help you prepare for the visa application process and the interview at the Netherlands Consulate in your home country so you will not encounter any problems with getting your student visa.

While you are in the Netherlands we have a mentor/counselor available to you to answer any questions you may have regarding your program. We only work with highly qualified and experienced Netherlands counselors who are familiair with your cultural background.

Program deadline

You may start your program on any date throughout the year. However in order to participate in our Program you need to submit your application at least 4-6 months before the proposed starting date.