Our Vision

Our Vision

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USActive stands for internationalization, talent development and customization in education.

Our vision:

By offering qualitatively challenging international education with good connections to the job market, students can develop their full potential: both in terms of knowledge and skills, which are important in globalization. This helps create a positive self-image and makes a valuable contribution to the labor community and society as a whole. 

USActive ties in with two key points laid out by the Ministry of Education:

“Internationalization” and “Talent Development & Excellence”

Internationalization with an eye to the US is a perfect match for the following reasons:

* Studying in the US is high on the wish list of many students

* Customers (especially businesses) consider a study abroad experience as highly valuable

* The educational system in the US is flexible and foreign students acquire a vast amount of new/different knowledge and skills that are not offered at their school in their home country or which may be presented in a different form

* In the US education and practical experience are easily combined

* American campus life is unique and contributes to personal development and an international network

Educational institutions are in a good position to respond to this: not only because of the growing demand from businesses for qualitatively highly skilled and experienced employees, but also due to the trend of studying abroad and the demands set out by students/parents. It is also possible to work on the professionalization of teacher’s competencies within the international framework of USActive.

An American module can also be attractive from a marketing/competitive perspective for an institution, in order to better align themselves to the objectives of government policy and aforementioned needs.