Internships In The USA

Internships in the US

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Paid internship programs in the USA allow you to earn money while improving your career prospects back home. Set yourself apart with a unique and valuable internship experience. Get paid to develop your talent through work experience in the world’s biggest economy. The dynamic business environment of the USA is the ideal place to learn and to grow professionally and on a personal level.

Participating in our internship program will give you a glimpse into American business practices while you are improving your business skills and your English language skills, making you more marketable both at home and in the global economy.

All internships offered through our program are full-time and paid and run from 3-12 months.

You may choose your location which could be a large city like New York, Washington, Philadelphia or San Francisco or smaller towns in all 50 states in the US.

Sectors in which we can offer you internships:

– Aviation (Engineering)

– Business / Management

– Education (Teacher program)

– Entertainment and Media

– Event Management

– Facility Management

– Fashion

– Film/TV

– Finance / Accounting

– Graphic design

– Health Care

– Hospitality / Tourism

– Human Resources (HR)

– Industrial Engineering

– International Business

– IT / Computer

– Legal

– Logistics / Distribution

– Marketing / Communications

– Media & Entertainment

– Museums

– Public Relations

– Sports Marketing and Management

– Technology / Engineering / Electrical

Who is eligible to participate in our internship program?

Anyone who is:

– Over 18 years

– Currently has completed one year of college or graduated less than a year ago

– Sufficient proficiency in English

– Interested in training in a field related to your academic or professional background

– Interested in making money while learning on the job

– Adventurous, hard working and open-minded

Identifying your perfect internship

We give detailed attention to your profile and ambitions. We identify your strengths and weaknesses through a standardized test and help you fill out a detailed profile. We also connect with your home institution to make sure that the internship options offered to you are compliant with the conditions set forth by your home institution.

We will also prepare you for your interview with the prospective internship company and your intern supervisor in the US.

Preparing for your internship

Before you start your internship, we provide a training plan that will outline the tasks of your internship and will help you understand the nature of business and work culture in the US. We also help you prepare for the visa application process and the interview at the US Consulate in your home country so you will not encounter any problems with getting your J1 visa.

While you are in the US we have a mentor/counselor available to you to answer any questions you may have regarding your internship. We only work with highly qualified and experienced American counselors who are familiair with your cultural background.

Program deadline

You may start your internship on any date throughout the year. However in order to participate in our Internship Program you need to submit your application form at least 6 months before the proposed starting date.