USActive stands for internationalization, talent development and customization in education. By offering qualitatively challenging international education with good connections to the job market, students can develop their full potential: both in terms of knowledge and skills, which are important in globalization. This helps create a positive self-image and makes a valuable contribution to the labor community and society as a whole.

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Saskia Torn Broers Saskia Torn Broers Saskia Torn Broers

Marina Meijer Marina Meijer Marina Meijer

Kamal Assou kamal-assou-adjusted-for-website Kamal Assou


Kamal Assou is a passionate and enthusiastic education advisor. He works interactively, clearly, and customizes his approach to ensure that he addresses each person’s questions and requirements individually. Kamal’s follow up support is very valuable. The educational trajectory he recommends is highly practical and based on specific actions and responses.

– Claudia Wiericx, Director of SBO De Windroos (Lindenholt)



Kamal Assou Kamal Assou

Marina has been excellent at helping me find a high school in the US to start an exchange program with. Every year I visit Wilbraham & Monson Academy with a group of students. Without her help it would never have started. I am very grateful to Marina.

– Peter Lammers, Decaan Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam


Marina Meijer Marina Meijer

Saskia is energetic, driven and keenly seeks out opportunities. The way in which she asks questions encourages depth, and opens up more opportunity for the other person to connect with others and their surrounds. She carefully lays out the groundwork.

– Moira Hadikoesoemo, Lector at NHL Hogeschool (coaching/counseling and talent development)


Saskia Torn Broers Saskia Torn Broers

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